Agricultural meshTree guards for the protection of newly planted treesBOP nets for containmentextruded nets for poultry protectionknitted nets for protection to hail and knitted nets as shade nets.
Automotive industryMesh for oil filtersextruded nets in interior pollen filters and 3D-nets for car seats
Aquaculture meshExtruded nets for protection of shell fishoyster bagsdrum filter panels for fish farmsextruded nets for trickle filters and separation nets for fish hatch
Cleaning roomFine woven mesh for air lamination
Furniture industry3D-cloth for office chairs3D-cloth and BOP-netting for the production of mattresses
Mesh used in household appliancesWoven mesh for tumble dryerswoven mesh for electric kettles and tea sieves
Cell phones meshWoven mesh to keep dust from entering speaker outlet
Glass industrySpecially colored and treated mesh to be applied in between glass shields for visual effects
Wind energyExtruded mesh for the production of leavesextruded mesh for the protection of air filters in turbines
CompositesExtruded mesh used as flow bed in the mold
Medical meshWoven mesh for infusion filters or in blood bagsextruded or woven mesh as reinforcement mesh on medical pads
Tea and coffeeMesh for tea bags and re-usable coffee filters
Fruit and vegetablesDrum filter panels for water circulationseed bags and extruded tree protectors
Paper industryDrum filter panels for water circulation and spiral belts for de-watering
TobaccoWoven mesh or extruded mesh for tobacco drying
ArtExtruded or woven mesh for restoration of sculpturespaintings andbooks
AlgaeWoven mesh for filtering algae or for sieving algae out of water
Road construction meshExtruded mesh for reinforcement of soilextruded mesh for construction of tunnels and extruded mesh for visual barriers on sound walls
Screen printing meshScreen printing mesh
DairyExtruded mesh as feed spacer in reverse osmosis filters or in ultra-filtration
Drinking water meshExtruded mesh as feed spacer in reverse osmosis filters or in ultra-filtration and drum filter panels for coarse pre-filtration.
Fish pondsDrum filter panels for drum filters
Swimming poolsDrum filter panels for drum filters