Luchtlaminatie/-verLuchtlaminatie/-verdeling d.m.v. zeer fijn kunststof gaasdeling
Lucht laminatie van operatiekamers
Medische industrie: gaas in luchtlaminatie

Operating rooms and clean rooms

An operating room in a hospital is an overpressure room where purified air is brought in laminated from the ceiling above the operation section. The lamination is realized by means of large screens which are covered on both sides with very fine polyester mesh. These screens (so-called CG-screens) are placed in the ceiling in a plenum covering the air inlet. Top Zeven has more than 25 years of experience in re-stretching CG distributors for ORs. Top Zeven expertly and quickly stretches all formats (including very large ones) of CG distributors with the right
polyester filter mesh.

Top Zeven offers:

  • The fastest service. We pick up your cg distributors, we stretch, we deliver back immediately.
  • Stock and knowledge of all filter meshes used in the market
  • Multiple large format tensioning machines in clean, certified tensioning room (class 7)
  • Years of experience in stretching various plenum systems
  • If necessary in the evening or during the weekend too
  • We also supply new screens in standard aluminum D-profile or in rectangular stainless steel (AISI 304) profile

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