Mattrass close up
Mattrass’ mesh close up
Different mesh, different effect
Mattrass close up
Pocketing protection


Extruded BOP-nets are widely used in the mattress industry for reinforcement and separation. Diamond shaped extruded nets are used for lumbar support. These meshes offer the following benefits:

– Excellent tensile strength and functionality

– Low weight and low distortion

– High durability

– Very good pocket protection

– Optimum level of quality and high degree of efficiency in production


BOP-nets and extruded nets provide a strong support for the reinforcement of different materials: non-woven, foam and needle punched felts in the mattress. The mechanical properties offer an

excellent performance through their tensile strength, bi-dimensional stability and low elongation.


BOP-nets separate springs from the other fill layers (fiber pad, nonwoven, felt, foam, etc.), in order to prevent them from falling down into the coils. All our nets provide a good pocketing protection and act as an insulating mesh in the bedding products.

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