Air laminations for operating rooms
Medical industry: air laminations for operating rooms
Die-cut mesh
Die-cut mesh
Punched 200 my mesh
Punched 200 my mesh
Pleated double layer mesh
Pleated double layer mesh
Double layer pleated

Air lamination screens for clean rooms and surgery rooms

Top Zeven runs a 24/7 mesh stretching service for applying fine polyester mesh (around 40 micron) onto aluminum screens used for air lamination. Air lamination screens are used in ceilings of surgery rooms or clean rooms and direct (laminate) the incoming air in an evenly distributed flow, thus preventing dust particles to enter the operation area. At Top Zeven the screens are stretched double sided in a specially designated particle free room, preventing any dust or dirt to be enclosed between the two layers of mesh.

The 24/7 service allows hospitals to minimize shutdown time of their operation rooms during maintenance.


Top Zeven has a wide range of woven and extruded meshes which can be cut to piece or shaped in desired form, suitable for use in laboratories. It can serve as filter or as support medium for filtration membranes. The mesh can be supplied as bag, pouch, tube or any other desired shape, sterile packaged in clean room conditions with medical grade certificate.

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