Luchtlaminatie/-verLuchtlaminatie/-verdeling d.m.v. zeer fijn kunststof gaasdeling
Lucht laminatie van operatiekamers
Medische industrie: gaas in luchtlaminatie

Air lamination

A clean room or an operating room in a hospital is an overpressure room where laminated clean air is brought in above the operating section. By also using temperature differences, the isolated and laminated air flow leaves the room straight through openings in the walls and by doing so contaminants can’t use turbulences and thus are prevented from remaining in the room.

The air is laminated by passing through a screen with two layers of very fine plastic mesh. These screens (so-called CG dividers) are placed in the ceiling in a plenum covering the air inlet. The double-sided mesh  divides the air evenly over the entire surface of the screen and in this way ensures an even air flow without swirls. Any contaminants present are discharged by the air flow.

Top Zeven has more than 25 years of experience in stretching CG distributors for ORs and clean rooms and offers a 24-hour service for the shortest possible “down-time” of operating rooms.

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