Filtration/Straining Mesh

Filter meshes are used for sieving or filtering particles out of air or liquids. Top Zeven offers a wide range of woven polyester and woven polyamide (nylon) filter meshes from stock. These micromeshes are woven from high quality monofilament yarns on top class Sulzer weaving looms. This guarantees an even and exact distance between one yarn and the other, thus creating a mesh with calibrated mesh openings. These meshes have apertures from 2 mm. to 20 micron (0,02 mm), or from 2 to 200 threads per cm.

For the production of sieves with filter mesh, Top Zeven has a well-equipped workshop with large mechanical stretching machines and tools to create flexible drum filter panels. Furthermore Top Zeven has fusion and punching machines for production of special shaped filter parts. More info in our page on Customisation services.

Top Zeven keeps a large and balanced stock and is happy to advise you. The minimum sales quantity is 1 m2.

Lamination of air or water
Besides filtering, woven meshes also have the ability to laminate air flow because of their even structure. Laminar flow is a must in clean production areas like operation rooms and industrial cleaning rooms. Many of our stretched frames are used in such markets.

Feed spacer
The even and bi-planar (one thread lies over the other) structure of our extruded meshes make them ideal to be used as feed spacer in a reverse osmosis filter or in ultra-filtration systems. Our polypropylene extruded meshes have different thicknesses. They create an equal and constant distance between the membrane media. The bi-planar structure allows optimal feeding characteristics.

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