Support / Reinforcement

Plastic mesh supports and reinforces various products. You will find our plastic support meshes in your daily environment when you take a look into your mattress, your car seat, the turf on the golf court or football field, the diapers of your baby and many other places.

Besides day-to-day applications, Top Zeven offers plastic meshes to support and reinforce non-woven filter media. Mesh gives extra stiffness which enables pleating and allows usage on large surfaces.

The main advantages of our extruded support meshes for air filter media are:

  • High air permeability (low pressure drop)
  • No moisture retention and hydrolysis resistance
  • Flame retardant additives can be incorporated
  • Excellent recyclability (when combined with nonwoven of the same nature)
  • High stability and flatness

Besides standard polyethylene and polypropylene extruded meshes, Top Zeven offers special support meshes in  polyamide (nylon) and polyester (PBT). Extruded nylon mesh is very well capable to replace metal meshes in hydraulic filters. They are resistant to oil, can withstand high temperatures and are recyclable making it an attractive ecological alternative. Our PBT (polyester) extruded meshes make excellent components for oil and fuel filters for the automotive industry. Combined with polyester nonwoven fabrics they offer excellent pleating possibilities.

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