Drie formaten trommelfilterpanelen achter elkaar

Replaceable rotary drum filter panels

Top Zeven has been manufacturing flexible filter panels for Rotary Drum Filters (RDF) for many years now. These filter panels have different, customisable sizes and come with many filter finesses varying from 25 to 300 micron. Materials used for these panels are polyester mesh or stainless steel wire mesh (AISI 316). The panels can be pre-bowed to the diameter that matches your drum filter.

A drum filter is a mechanical filter to filter fixed parts from water. It is a hollow round drum into which polluted water is lead. The mesh filters the dirt from the water and when the mesh is saturated the drum will turn so the water can go through cleaned mesh again. Polluted mesh is hosed and the dirt is thrown in a bin.

Mesh is stretched over the surface of the drum filter panels but applying this isn’t easy as the surface is round. Top Zeven therefore has designed special bendable panels which can be equipped with all kinds of mesh, polyester and stainless steel. The panel is easy to install and can be easily made water resistant with rubber tape (attainable at Top Zeven as well). To make installation into the drum filter as easy as possible we can pre-bow the filter plates.

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