PP and PET 3D-cloth
PVC-coated glassfibre mesh
Endless filter belt
Filtercloth special weaves
Basalt mesh
Spiral belt characteristics
Spiral belt type FC55 mono 2
Spiral belt type MC7 mono3
Belt press detail
Belt press detail
Belt press detail
Belt press detail


Other meshes and nets

Top Zeven also offers meshes that can’t be captured in the given chapters under ‘Meshes’. In the slider we show the following examples:

  • 3D cloth: can be applied as spacer cloth, as ventilating layer in (car) seats, and as air filtration medium. The upper and lower surface can be supplied in different structures, thickness ranges from 2 – 15 mm. and the width may reach 3,5 m., depending on the type used.
  • Basalt mesh: support/reinforcement mesh with ultra high heat resistance.
  • PVC-coated fiberglass mesh: mesh opening approx. 1,2 mm and therefore perfect as a mosquito net
  • Meshes with special weaving structures in PP, PA, PET: for de-watering filter belts or filter presses.
  • Endless belts: ends are manually woven into each other so that no joining is needed.

Highlighted: spiral belts

Spiral belts are used for dewatering slurry (water clearance) or pulp (paper industry). The spiral system allows customisations on the spot and an endless belt without joining. Can be supplied from stock up to 3,1 m. width.

The belts can be made endless by removing a connection thread and hooking the spirals into each other.

Wondering whether spiral belts might be a solution for you? Just contact us. We’ll help you free of charge and quickly.

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