Polyethyleen gaas

Extruded mesh

Extrusion of mesh is a process in which liquid plastic is extruded through small openings in rotating round molds.  The threads that are created fall over each other and make a tubular mesh which is stretched, cooled in water, cut open and stabilized.  The extrusion process creates a mesh structure in which the threads (strands) lay above eachother. This contrary to a woven cloth in which the threads are woven over and under eachother.

Extruded polypropylene and polyethylene mesh is used in many applications. Top Zeven focuses on industrial applications. Some examples:

There are many types of extruded netting with many different structures and in various plastics. Besides PP and PE meshes/nets, Top Zeven also offers a range of extruded PA, EVA, PBT and LDPE meshes/nets.

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