Caging mesh copper
Caging mesh copper
Caging mesh steel
Caging mesh steel
Knitted mesh for sealant
Knitted PE-mesh for sealant
Caging mesh HDPE blue
Knitted PP net blue


Knitted mesh

Top Zeven also offers knitted mesh. Two kinds of knitted mesh (knitwear) are distinguished: flat knitwear and round knitwear. Knitwear for technical appliances is known for having high elasticity and an open structure.

Knitted mesh is for instance used for:

Shielding: a knitted sleeve of copper mesh protects cables against electro magnetic interference (EMI-shielding)

Protection: a knitted sleeve is wrapped around a cable and injected with fast drying resin. The open structure of the mesh/net fills with a fast drying resin after which a solid, impenetrable armor is formed.

Reinforcement: the highly elastic sleeve is used as a flat medium on which a flexible resin is applied, thus creating a highly flexible layer of resin that can be wrapped around surfaces for protection against corrosion.

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