Geweven gaas 400

Woven mesh

On top class Sulzer weaving looms a calibrated mesh with determinable mesh openings is woven from polyester or nylon mono-filament yarns. The size of the mesh opening is determined by the number of threads per centimeter or inch (mesh count) and the thickness of the threads. After-treatment of the mesh by heat setting gives it it’s stability and uniformity, resulting in precise and constant mesh openings needed for a reliable straining mesh.

Besides PET (Polyester) and PA (Polyamide) meshes, Top Zeven also offers a limited range of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) meshes.

Our standard polyester mesh offers excellent elongation characteristics. We mostly deliver from stock and at very competitive prices. In the downloadable mesh tables you will find properties of all types of woven mesh.

Knuckle bound co-extruded polyester meshes

A specialty in our range are the “knuckle bound” co-extruded polyester meshes. A range of very thin and very open (over 60%) but still stable polyester meshes. These meshes are fixated on the intersections of these threads and they’re very suitable for spacer purposes, as membrane support or as mesh for punched parts.

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