Mesh material polyester

Polyester (PES) mesh

Top Zeven offers a large range of woven polyester meshes. Besides that we offer some extruded polyester meshes (PBT). Mesh material polyester is used for many purposes like filtration, printing, packaging and protection. Polyester mesh can be found in numerous products and applications. In extensive industrial processes like oil and interior filters …

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Mesh material nylon (polyamide)

Polyamide (nylon) mesh

Polyamide (nylon) meshes are woven from high quality mono-filament threads to form a calibrated polyamide mesh with exact apertures. The size of the apertures determines the filter capacity (apertures’ size depends on the number of threads and the thickness of the threads used). Top Zeven delivers many mesh materials like polyamide meshes from stock at highly competitive prices. …

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Polypropyleen mesh 5361

Polypropylene (PP) mesh

Mesh material polypropylene (PP mesh) is known for its excellent resistance to chemicals and its recyclability. It is chemically stable as it is made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms. When polypropylene is incinerated, just water steam and carbon dioxide are formed. Only polypropylene can be considered sustainable among fossil fuel-based resins. For food …

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Mesh material polyethylene

Polyethylene (PE) mesh

Mesh material polyethylene (PE) is a very common used plastic. It’s applied in plastic bags, foil, geo-membranes and bottles. Compared to polypropylene, extruded polyethylene mesh is softer and more flexible. The high elasticity and soft characteristics of PE make it ideal for protection. Polyethylene mesh is also better for cold weather as it will keep its flexibility longer. The soft cushion ….

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In addition to the meshes mentioned above, Top Zeven also supplies many other types of mesh. See the “drop down” menu from Meshes for this.