Polyester mesh

Polyester (PET) mesh

Top Zeven carries a wide range of polyester woven mesh gauze. Besides that we carry some extruded polyester (PET) meshes. Polyester mesh is widely used in everyday surroundings. Examples are pyramid tea bags, dust filters in dryers or vacuum cleaners, lime filters in kettles, or filter mesh in the speaker or your mobile phone. Besides that woven polyester mesh is used in a wide range of industrial filters like oil filters and interior filters in the automotive industry and blood and liquid filters in the medical industry.

Polyester woven mesh is a calibrated mesh which means that all threads are at an exact, fixed distance from each other in even apertures. Polyester mesh is woven with quality mono-filament threads and comes in a high variety of mesh opening, ranging from 10 to 2000 microns. View our total program or woven polyester meshes.

Polyester mesh is well resistant against chemicals (see tables on our Downloads page) and can bhttp: //topzeven.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/mesh-pes-tech-data-2016.pdfe used with high temperatures . Polyester mesh is also known for its outstanding biological resistance: it is well-resistant to light and weather circumstances. It has a good reputation to be sensitive to alkali (see  Properties of synthetic fibers  on our Download page). More information can also be found on our page about woven mesh .

Top Zeven offers a wide range of polyester mesh on rolls. We also stretch polyester mesh on aluminum or steel frames with stretching machines to filtering solutions for leaf filters, drum filters or air lamination screens. Other customization services we offer are punching, cutting and laminating (see Customizations).

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